Florian Dussopt

French designer taking inspiration from Physics such as optic, sound and energies to create experiences and meaningful storytelling projects.

Based in London, his experience covers a diverse range of practices including installations and exhibition curation for many prestigious clients like Bombay Sapphire, Virgin Atlantic, BBC, Roca, Samsung and Clerkenwell Design Week.


Nick Phillips

London-based composer, music producer and sound designer. He has created acclaimed work across the worlds of art, film, fashion, branding, science and technology.

He has recently been awarded ‘best original score’ for forthcoming feature film ‘Abducted’ and has just completed the soundtrack for a Cutting Edge documentary for Channel 4, as well as exhibiting a Sound Design piece for Design Exquis at the Roca Gallery.


Dave Hunt

Freelance recording and sound engineer/designer. In a career of over 40 years he has worked with sound in many media: theatre, recording studios, large scale events, music, video, film, concerts, art galleries, sound system design and operation.

In recent years he has pursued an interest in 3-Dimensional sound, using Max/MSP to implement ambisonic and binaural spatial sound for audio only, video, and interactive applications.


Paul West

Art director, designer, partner at branding and design agency Form®, Paul is also a painter and charcoal artist. Low horizons and huge skies are key features in his work, creating emotive spaces with a brooding volume, scarred with ‘frenetic’, deconstructed mark making.


School of Science and Technology at Middlesex University:


Rui Loureiro

Reader in Robotics and Human Interactive Systems at Middlesex University. He specialises in advanced robotics and human interactive systems for rehabilitation engineering and has pioneered work in robot-aided stroke neurorehabilitation and
movement disorders.

In 2004, he received the Top 10 Britain’s Young Engineer award from SET for Britain
and in 2006, the Siemens Automation & Drives award from InstMC UK.


Hoang Ha Le

PhD student in Rehabilitation Robotics. His research focuses on developing distributed haptic framework supporting collaborative tasks for neurorehabilitation context. He also has interest in the potential of promoting social integration to enhance motor learning and interaction.

Software developer with experience in different types of software project using a variety of programming languages for mobile, enterprise, haptic and robotic projects.


Alex Zivanovic

Senior Lecturer in Design Engineering at Middlesex University. His main area of research is into how robots and humans can work together better by fostering an emotional bond between them.

In particular, he believes that if robots exhibit more “natural” movement, it will enable human operators to predict their behaviour.


Martin Loomes

Dean of Science and Technology at Middlesex University, Martin has many years experience teaching and researching at the interface between Computer Science and Creativity. He has taught electronic music and creative technologies, and has a strong interest in multi-modal feedback systems and their use in installations.